Alex is CTO and cofounder of FYTA. He created a special bond with one of our office plants – an Anthurium clarinervum.

My favorite plant is the Anthurium clarinervium or Queen Anthurium: I discovered it here at the FYTA winter garden and immediately fell in love with its beautiful heart-shaped leaf, dark color, and light leaf veins. I learned that the Anthurium is an epiphyte, i.e., a plant that grows on the surface of other plants without any contact with the soil. However, unlike other plants, the Queen Anthurium is not parasitic at all. It merely uses other plants for structural support or to get to a better location, closer to the sun. This is incredibly smart behavior.

Our plant experts told me that because the Anthurium is a tropical plant, it prefers to live in moist soil and high air humidity levels. It also needs a sunny location but without direct sunlight. I guess this makes it a bit of a high-maintenance plant. Is this why they call her Queen Anthurium?

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