How To Water Epiphytes, Special Case Bromeliads

Estimated time: 2 min

Difficulty: easy


Bromeliads have it all: as epiphytic plants, they collect water in their leaves, which are funnel-shaped and act as water reservoirs.

What you need


Step 1/5

Stick a finger 2 to 3 cm into the soil and check if the soil feels dry. Also check the funnels to make sure it needs water at all.

Step 2/5

If you have an FYTA Beam, just check the moisture values in the FYTA app!


Step 3/5

Water from the top of their funnel-shaped leaves and change the water every four weeks! 

Step 4/5

Give your bromeliaceae some time to absorb as much water as it needs.


Step 5/5

When no more water is absorbed, tip away the excess water to avoid waterlogging. Use the rag to wipe up any remaining water. Done!

Photo Credits: Thejaswini Chandran, Photographer and Videographer at FYTA.