Estimated time: 30min

Difficulty: easy


Who needs a green thumb? A little know-how can’t hurt, but it’s not a prerequisite for gardening. This way you can water guilt-free:

Our tip: Cold water can damage the roots. Therefore, do something good for your plant and give it water at room temperature! Rainwater or tap water that has stood overnight and therefore has a lower pH value is best.

What You Need


Step 1/5

Stick a finger two to three cm into the soil and water only when the soil feels dry.

Step 2/5

If you have a FYTA Beam, just check the moisture value in the FYTA app! 


Step 3/5

Make sure there is a hole in the pot and good drainage properties of the substrate.


Step 4/5

Better to water just once, but generously! Put the water in the saucer so that the plant can drink exactly as much water as it wants!


Step 5/5

Pour off the remaining water from the saucer after 30 minutes and then let the substrate dry out completely once before watering again. You can wipe up the last water residues with the rag. Done!

Photo Credits: Thejaswini Chandran, Photographer and Videographer at FYTA.