Lotte Droth, FYTA’s resident plant expert, keeps negative energy away with string of pearls

This plant is also known as “String of Pearl,” which is precisely why I like it so much. It reminds me of the amber necklaces my siblings and I used to wear when we were little. They were supposed to protect us from illness and negative energies, and somehow, I feel like this plant does that for me now. Its long, hanging shoots and bulging beads create a great cave-y and cozy vibe in my room.

My care tip: Many people don’t know that the string of pearls can produce beautiful flowers. But to get it to bloom, it needs a resting period in winter. Temperatures between 12-14°C  are optimal. You also need to reduce watering during the winter period. And if you have divided or repotted your plant, do not expect it to bloom the following year. It needs a bit of downtime afterward.

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