Rhaphidophora tetrasperma

Lisa Collmer is UX/UI designer at FYTA. She works on making all the plant knowledge easily accessible for you – especially when it comes to this little plant:

The so-called Mini Monstera is a climbing plant that originally comes from Thailand. Its delicate shoots can grow several meters long. The Mini Monstera isn’t part of the Monstera family, but it does look like a cute, miniature version of a real Monstera. I’m a big fan of Monstera’s, so I am naturally taken to the Mini-Monstera as well. I just love how delicate and graceful it swings around my shelves at home.

My care tip: Like all tropical plants, the Minis-Monstera likes a friendly, warm and humid environment. The Mini Monstera develops aerial roots, which can grow out of the substrate ball beyond the edge of the pot. If your plant grows any, I suggest dipping the aerial roots in a container of water that you place next to your planter. This guarantees water supply even if you forget to water the substrate! This works with all Monsteras btw!